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Narrative Text Worksheet: The Story of Roro Jonggrang

What's in this worksheet? A. True or False? B. Essay Questions C. Synonyms A. True or False: Based on the text , state whether each of ...

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Narrative Text Worksheet: The Story of Roro Jonggrang

A. True or False: Based on the text, state whether each of the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE
  1. The kingdom of Baka was ruled by a man-eating giant called Bandung Bandawasa.
  2. Prabu Baka had a very beautiful daughter with a sister named Roro Jonggrang.
  3. Prabu Baka wanted to conquer Pengging kingdom, which was ruled by Prabu Damar Maya.
  4. Prabu Damar Maya responded and sent his son, Raden Bandung Bandawasa, to settle an agreement with Prabu Baka.
  5. With his supernatural power, Raden Bandung Bandawasa won the war and killed his enemy, Prabu Baka.
  6. Prabu Baka invited Bandung Bandawasa to enter his palace and meet Roro Jonggrang, his daughter.
  7. Bandung Bandawasa fell in love at the first sight and wanted to marry Roro Jonggrang.
  8. Without being persuaded, Roro Jonggrang accepted Bandung Bandawasa’s marriage proposal with two conditions.
  9. Roro Jonggrang’s requirement was the creation of a well and a thousand temples in a single night.
  10. Bandung Bandawasa got angry and refused to fulfil Roro Jonggrang’s requirement.
  11. Roro Jonggrang thought that it would be impossible for Bandung Bandawasa to fulfil her requirement and marry her.
  12. After a few days, Bandung Bandawasa was able to make a well with his great supernatural power.
  13. Bandung Bandawasa planned to build one-thousand temples with the help of genies and demons.
  14. Roro Jonggrang gathered all her servants and village girls and asked them to help her collect a lot of straw.
  15. Roro Jonggrang and her servants faked the dawn by burning the straw and pounding rice pestles.
  16. They burnt the straw and started pounding the rice pestles in their homes because they needed a lot of rice.
  17. Seeing the reddish sky and hearing the sound of people pounding rice pestles, the genies thought that the sun was rising.
  18. The genies saw that the sun was rising and they continued working to build castles.
  19. Bandung Bondowoso didn’t know that Roro Jonggrang was trying to trick him and fail his attempt to marry her.
  20. Roro Jonggrang's body became stiffer and stiffer and she became a statue.

B. Answer these questions by referring to the text "The Story of Roro Jonggrang"
  1. What did Prabu Baka do in order to expand his territory?
  2. How did the king of Pengging respond to Prabu Baka offensive act?
  3. What happened when Bandung Bandawasa saw Roro Jonggrang?
  4. Why was Roro Jonggrang unwilling to marry Bandung Bandawasa?
  5. What did she ask Bandung Bandawasa to do before marrying her?
  6. Which requirement did Bandung Bandawasa manage to fulfil?
  7. Who helped Bandung Bandawasa fulfil Roro Jonggrang’s second requirement?
  8. Why did Roro Jonggrang gather all her servants and village girls?
  9. What did Roro Jonggrang do with the straw? Why?
  10. What did Bandung Bandawasa do when he realized that Roro Jonggrang had tricked him?

C. Vocabulary: Find the synonyms of these words in the passage
The Story of Roro Jonggrang
  1. Collected
  2. Enlarge
  3. Protect
  4. Triumph
  5. Famous
  6. Convinced
  7. Contentment
  8. Castle
  9. Accomplish
  10. Imprecation


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